Seeking Presenters for UCLA 1-day mHealth Conference

UCLA asked me to chair an invite-only 1-day mHealth event to take place on January 23, 2014. The meeting will gather a mix of academic researchers, entrepreneurs, community groups, corporate leaders, and policymakers to help shape how mobile technologies can be used to improve health among under-served populations. We have a small number of openings for speakers/presenters, so please pass this on to mHealth and mobile technology experts and enthusiasts who would be interested. 

A major theme of the meeting will be on how to apply mobile technologies to help underserved populations in need of prevention and treatment for HIV and substance use. However, we are interested in having experts from various areas of mHealth present on insights from their work. The following are a list of potential examples of types of solicitations to give you a better idea:

  1. mHealth entrepreneurs and technologies providing important results on how their technologies can improve the delivery of mHealth, including tools for aggregating and/or analyzing big data,
  2. Researchers presenting work on novel and important findings related to mHealth, including behavioral and clinical trials, and development and testing of novel biosensors and health engineering tools,
  3. Use of mHealth for community and family medicine
  4. Policy and ethical considerations to be addressed when using mHealth technologies
  5.  mHealth technologies as tools that can be used for corporate partnerships and collaborations, as well as insurance companies' perspectives on use of mobile health technologies.

If you're interested in presenting, please email me at and include your title, affiliation, and an unstructured abstract (less than 350 words) of the topic you would wish to present. 


Sean Young PhD

Sean Young, PhD, MS is the Executive Director of the UCLA Center for Digital Behavior. I'm a scientist, innovator, and UCLA medical school professor. I study the science behind human digital behavior (see for more info about this field of research).I also assemble technology teams and solutions to improve UCLA Family Medicine patient care. For more info or to contact me: