Stick With It -- a #1 Wall Street Journal and international best-selling book-- shows that it's possible to overcome problem behaviors—forever.

"A must read for anyone who's been unable to keep a new Year's resolution."

-Jonah Berger, New York Times Best-Selling Author of Contagious

Whether it’s absent-minded mistakes at work, a weakness for junk food, a smartphone addiction, or a lack of exercise, we all have a bad habit or behavior that we'd like to change. But wanting to change and actually doing it—and sticking with it—are two very different things.

In my new book, I look at the science of behavior change and provide practical advice about how to make real, lasting changes in your life.

Stick With It is an International Best-Selling Book, listed on USA Today's list of Bestsellers, along with bestseller lists in China and Korea.

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