Update on UCLA Mobile Health and HIV Conference

I will be Chairing a UCLA CHIPTS-sponsored, free, one-day conference on the use of technology among at-risk communities on Thursday, January 23, 2014 at the California Endowment in Los Angeles.  The purpose of the conference is to bring together researchers, entrepreneurs, representatives of technology companies, public policy makers, community service providers, and members of the community to share cutting-edge research and real-world application of social media, web-based, and mobile technologies among at-risk communities, particularly for HIV prevention and care. 

The conference will include a keynote presentation from Dr. Indu Subaiya, CEO and Co-Founder at Health 2.0, as well as presentations from leading community research experts such as Dr. Brian Mustanski of Northwestern University and Dr. Marguerita Lightfoot of the Center for AIDS Prevention Studies at the University of California, San Francisco,  Drs. Eric Rice and Lynn Miller of the University of Southern California.

There will also be a panel discussion addressing implementation, funding, policy and privacy issues inherent to the use of technology.  Panelists include Mr. Brad Sears of UCLA Charles L. Williams Institute, Mr. Ramin Bastani of Hula (www.GetHula.com ), Dr. Tina Henderson of JWCH Institute,  Ms. Risa Flynn of the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center, and others.

Immediately following the conference will be a networking reception.  This reception is being organized specifically to give our conference presenters, researchers, participants, exhibitors, and other stakeholders an opportunity to meet one another with the goal of developing new collaborations, partnerships, and ideas. The reception is also free and open to all conference attendees, but advance RSVP is required.

Sean Young PhD

Sean Young, PhD, MS is the Executive Director of the UCLA Center for Digital Behavior. I'm a scientist, innovator, and UCLA medical school professor. I study the science behind human digital behavior (see digitalbehavior.ucla.edu for more info about this field of research).I also assemble technology teams and solutions to improve UCLA Family Medicine patient care. For more info or to contact me: www.SeanYoungPhD.com